All About Beth

Beth has been speaking and working in ministry since 1994, and is the author of the book, Stronghold — The Secrets Beyond the Wall and co-author of Walk Through Ephesians, A 20-Day Journey

In 2011, from her living room, Beth began teaching workshops to women. Those workshops grew into the nonprofit organization Remade that exists to eradicate biblical illiteracy and Christian isolation. The organization reaches women and men all across the United States and several countries. Through this ministry she supports and equips the local church and the body of Christ.MeetBeth

Beth is no stranger to building lasting support structures. She is a former military wife and a recipient of the Joan Orr Spouse of the Year award from the 60th Air Mobility Command. Beth received this prestigious award for developing a support system for military families with an emphasis on deployment needs. The program is now utilized Air Force wide as the Air Force Key Spouse Program.

Years of military travel and speaking to a wide variety of audiences helped grow Beth into the desired and versital speaker she is today. In 2014 corporate America caught wind of Beth’s dynamic personality when she accepted an invitation to the Chevron Refinery Richmond, CA Turn Around. Her message ofRemembering the Why – brought the home front right into the work place, reminding employees who they stay safe for.  The message quickly spread throughout Northern California, where she’s become a favorite for Turn Around moral and contractor safety forums at Chevron, Valero Refinery Benicia, CA; and Dow Chemical Plant, Pittsburg, CA.

To hear Beth speak it won’t take long to recognize that “something different” quality — it’s a genuine love for people. Her transparent life stories and relevant messages disarm an audience and draws them in. But it’s her humor and practical applications that leaves them feeling like they’ve just talked with a life-long friend.

My Tribe

Apart from my relationship with God, my husband and children are by far the most important people in my life. My greatest victories, and my most catastrophic defeats have come from this little unit we call family. Nothing else has demonstrated my desperate need for God like holding the titles of wife and mother.

I was married right out of High School to an Airman. Being a military wife satisfied the wanderlust inside my soul. My heart to travel instantly embraced the ever-changing life we lived. A tour in Europe, four different bases, and 7 different homes mapped out our first 20 years of marriage.

Like most moms and wives out there I have a laundry list of regrets and shameful moments I wish could be blotted out of existence. Nevertheless, I’m learning through Christ, life has a way of redeeming even our most ugliest moments. God has me in a constant pursuit of forgetting the past and stretching into the promised future we have in Him.

There is beauty exchanged in the growing pains of family an inner fight to make it work when we’d rather quit. Family is messy, fun, beautiful and scary, but it’s an extravagant example of the grace and love of God when we stay the course. In our family room you’ll find us sharing a movie and pizza on Friday nights, or hanging out in the loft shooting a game of pool.

A Few Final Thoughts…

I wear a few hats… Mentor. Author. Speaker. Wife. Mom and teacher of all things Jesus. But that’s ok, because God and I have an agreement, if He tells me His secrets I get to share them with anyone who will listen.  I live for people’s “ah ha” moment in Christ, and all those hats give me a lot of opportunities to see them happen.

When I am not speaking, writing or mentoring you’ll find me sneaking out back without my phone to watch the cows graze on the hill, and absorb the warm sun on my face. Who am I kidding, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen trying to talk myself out of opening that bag of chips.

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym, and believe that 80% of my guilt would be gone if I didn’t have to go. However, I have found new passion in early morning runs when the air is crisp and my to-do list hasn’t woken up yet — it’s my place where God meets me right where I am at and we talk, laugh, dream, and cry together out there on those trails. 

I am grateful for the life God‘s given me with my honey of 30 years, our two incredible kids, a sweet dog, sassy cat, and four fat chickens in our NorCal home I affectionately call the Kinder Fake Farm. It’s never perfect, not always easy, but it’s my story and I love living it!