When Old Lies Challenge New Mindsets

truth that overshadows lies

Closing out the year with this series of “Becoming Me” has been both liberating and challenging. I have taken territory the enemy has possessed with every key stroke on my blog, Instagram or Facebook. (click the Instagram or Facebook to read the daily micoblogs posted on #becomingme) Yet, over the past four weeks old lies have challenged new mindsets.

Then while alone with the Lord, I saw myself sitting at a table with Him and the enemy. Each had a dish prepared for me to consume. As God moved a plate of truth my way, the enemy pushed a plate of lies even closer. Both smelled and looked appetizing. In the vision I noticed the enemy’s plate smelled familiar, and I was tempted to consume it.

How It Happens…

Just as in Garden of Eden, Satan tempted Eve to eat the fruit by mixing a lie with something she had heard before — part of what he said sounded familiar. Eve ate from the tree because she agreed with a believable lie. For me, and perhaps you too, hearing lies are not the problem, but agreeing with a believable one is. The enemy will take familiar feelings from the past, mix them with lies, and create a believable truth.

Maybe you’re staring at two plates right now, they both appear truthful, and you’re uncertain which plate to consume. For example if you’ve always fallen short of success, and now you’re getting incredible dreams and visions of the future — it isn’t always easy to consume the truth. I get that.

For years I was served the same three plates that infiltrated my mind and hindered the work God was doing in and through me. Over the past four weeks they found their way back to my table.

The Enemy Served these 3 Plates 

1. My gifts and call are influenced by how godly I am.

2. My mistakes, my past sins, and my family’s failures have ruined my testimony.

3. The approval of man confirms the call of God.

Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit also resides at my table. He consistently prepared plates of truth for me to consume so that I stayed free.

The Holy Spirit Served These 3 Plates 

1. My call and giftings are not earned therefore they cannot be lost.

Truth: The gifts and calling from God can never be withdrawn (Romans 11:29)

2. My tragedies, family’s failures, and mistakes do not disqualify me.

Truth: Being crushed, overwhelmed, and beyond our abilities cause us to depend on God, changes our story, and turns others to Him. (2 Corinthians 1:3-11)

3. God approved of me before man ever knew me.

Truth: God has gone before me and placed His hand of blessing upon me. (Psalm 139)

What I Learned…

Friend, it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been saved, or walking in our call, the enemy never leaves the table. He remains there dishing up untruths waiting for us to take an agreeable bite. But when we’ve tasted freedom, and regularly consume truth, his plate eventually grows cold. And then we lose our appetite for anything less than the flavor of authentic freedom.

Thank you for joining me over the last four weeks. My hope is that by getting to know me, you’ve found a friend who understands the challenges in walking out the call of God, and now we can journey toward Him together.

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