Limiting Beliefs

what are they and what breaks them?

Watching my daughter go through a major life transition, such as getting married, has magnified the power of limiting beliefs in our home. So I wanted to chat a little about what is a limiting belief and three things that break them.

A limiting belief is something that stems from an negative experience and causes us to draw a conclusion from the fear, disappointment, or pain we experienced. Often that conclusion sabotages good things that are trying to be formed in our lives like relationships, dreams, visions, and adventures.

Like a tight muscle in our back limits us from touching our toes, it’s consistent stretching that enables us to eventually reach them. So it is true with beliefs that restrain our thinking. The only way to release the mindset is to recognize the limit and stretch beyond the belief.

What Does A Limiting Belief Look Like? 

Have you ever found yourself starting a sentence with

  • I don’t
  • I can’t
  • I’m not
  • Others can ______ but I can’t _______

Well, my friend that is a limiting belief.

Recently I have watched my daughter have paralyzing panic attacks of doubt when it comes to being a wife, having a successful marriage, and moving to another state. Every fear sentence had this combination associated to it.  “I can’t_______ because I don’t ________.

And it wasn’t too long ago I was stuck in the same mindset as Kaitlyn. I was certain I couldn’t do what I felt God calling me to do, because I didn’t know the next step to take or possess the resources to do it.

Neither of us could find our way past the mental loop our mind was stuck on. Our thinking needed to be stretched beyond what we knew.

What Stretches Us Beyond Our Limiting Beliefs? 

Three primary encounters will pull, stretch, and push those constricted believing muscles.

The Critical Encounter

The diagnosis, financial crisis, or tragedy yanks those thoughts out of their frozen state of acceptance, moves us into the action we were otherwise unwilling to risk. Often times the motivation to try comes from the thought I have nothing else to lose. Or a sudden realization we have EVERYTHING to lose.

A Divine Encounter

An unexplainable moment when we pass the billboard alongside the road. Or a song comes on the radio. Perhaps we read a scripture during our quiet-time, or a prophetic word comes from someone at church. Those God encounters are the breakthroughs that release courage in us to take the next step.

The Personal Encounter

A personal connection we make with someone who eventually becomes a mentor, spiritual advisor, or coach. They see far more in us than we see in ourselves, and they have the knowledge needed to lead us to the level we’ve been trying to reach.

We might experience all of these, but it only takes one encounter, the right encounter, to raise us above our limitations.

Final Thoughts: 

Kaitlyn and I both were pulled beyond our limiting beliefs when we met with mentors. Kaitlyn met with a couple who had been married for about 3 years. They shared with her tips, encouragement, and truth that pushed her past the limits she was believing.

The same happened to me. I was connected with a business coach that identified the limits I had set on myself and released the truth that allowed me to go beyond those limits.

I am so passionate about mentorship, making the right connections, learning from others, and moving past faulty mindsets that I have been working on a mentorship program for spiritual development. Maybe you’ve identified some limiting beliefs. A mentor is a great place to start. Click here for a quick assessment that will identify your ideal spiritual mentor and the top two questions to ask them.

PS… What limiting belief have you been holding on to? Let’s chat a bit about it in the comments below.

Or join me Monday at 1pm PST for Mentor Monday in our Remade Community Group on Facebook, where I will share live a huge lie I believed that almost sabotaged the momentum of the mentorship program, and HOW I broke it and got back on track.

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