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Doubting the Call of God

when God’s call doesn’t look anything like you thought it would

It came in a whisper… It was 1998, I was at the kitchen table after the Sunday evening service. The children were asleep, Tom was in the bedroom, and I sat in the stillness of the house. A single light above the table shined upon my open Bible when His spirit spoke these words…

Your entire family will be in full-time ministry. 

I knew at that moment it was God because I had zero aspirations of being in ministry.

With no reference to what that meant, other than being a pastor, I figured God was calling Tom. Ok in full disclosure, I briefly considered traveling evangelists, but it was fleeting — I promise. It’s funny how we filter what God speaks through what we know.

For years I tried to convince my poor husband he was called to be a pastor. Until one day many, many years later I heard that voice again. Only this time it was more personal. He was calling me.

By now I had been introduced to Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer, so I had a reference of something beyond a pastor. But once again I filtered what God was saying by what I saw others doing. Only now everything felt impossible. When it was my husband’s call, I never questioned the voice of God, but when it was mine everything became dismissible and doubtful. I had no idea how to get from point A to point B.

My internal dialog sounded something like this…

  • Who do I ask? 
  • How do I know for sure? 
  • What will people think? 
  • How can this happen? 

I assure you I didn’t step right into full-time ministry. In fact six long, confusing, and frustrating years would go by before I made the leap. Until then I served in my church, I held Bible studies in my home, and I met with a lot of women.

When I felt the time had come to step out, I chose to do three things:

  1. Fast and pray.
  2. Meet with the leaders in my church.
  3. Believe the voice of God even if the voice of man said something different.

To be straight-up transparent, I had visions of stages and large audiences. But in the waiting and refining God brought that vision down to a single person. I remember the day He asked me if I never stepped onto a large stage, but impacted one life that would, will that be enough? My answer was yes, but I didn’t feel good about it. My wounded and immature spirit felt like I had just been seated at the kid’s table, and suddenly “my call” didn’t seem very special.

I spent a few years wrestling out the desire to be the one on stage ( a few too many, to be honest). In those years I began to study the ministry of Jesus, it was then I noticed that He spoke to the multitude, but He went out of His way for the one.

Over the last six years of ministry, I have seen that life-changing impact doesn’t always come from those mountain-top conference experiences. More often than not, it comes in the daily decisions to place one foot in front of the other as we journey toward God. I now see “my call” as the ministry of friendship. I make myself available to counsel, mentor, cheer, and encourage those women God brings into my life. We all need a friend for the journey to help keep us on track.

Oddly enough, when I stopped looking to reach the multitude, and loved the one intentionally, Jesus multiplied the one into a multitude. Now I have thousands of friends all over the place. But coolest part of it all is, Jesus never sat me at the kid’s table — He sat me at His.

Keep up the journey my friend,

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PSS… Did God speak something to you and you’re in the wait? Leave me a comment about how  you’ve persevered. Those are the types of stories that keep all of us going. 

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  1. Trisha
    Trisha says:

    Beth, I don’t know if you remember but my name is trisha and I wrote you about the piece on journaling that you wrote and I had just gotten out of the hospital. I just want to say that you are a true inspiration to me God has been speaking to me for sometime about being in ministry for woman and being a advocate for those who suffer from mental illness. I just want to say thank you for all that you do.


  2. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Thank you Beth! You encouraged me to keep moving forward in my call. All glory to the Lord!
    Blessings, Brenda ♥️♥️

  3. Heather Gillis
    Heather Gillis says:

    I know God has called me to do something bigger, ministry for his purpose. But don’t know what it looks like yet. I’m a nurse and question do I wait for his prompting to walk away totally and so full time ministry or work part time and do part time ministry?


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