Faith For Unknown Spaces

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

Most of us have been there. A time where the unknown calls for a faith that we know we don’t possess.

When my husband, Tom, found out he had cancer, he shared with me that his first prayer was “Lord, I don’t have the faith for this.” The funny thing about faith, it doesn’t just appear it grows in the steps we take through the unknown.

Faith Arrives In the Unknown

I used to pray for faith with the perspective that God would just deposit within me the measure I needed. It wasn’t until I walked through a few dark seasons that I realized God forges faith in the unseen places of the unknown spaces.

I don’t believe for a second anyone feels like they have enough faith to do hard things. And I know I didn’t believe I possessed it when I faced my daughter’s diagnosis of developmental delays. Then without a doubt, I knew I was way out of my faith league when we walked through the fallout of her assault. However, one hard season after another established new levels of faith I would have never known otherwise.    

Faith Sustained In the Promise

Reminders of promises God spoke when my faith was strong is what sustained me in the silence of the unknown space. I would declare, proclaim, and confess what did not exist as though it did. And in those times my faith was exercised like a muscle, and it grew not based on what I saw but on what He said.

Brandi Rennemeyer writes of this raw and authentic faith. In her book From the Deep, she tells the story of Beth Ayn Rognmoe. A woman who fought darkness and found hope not just to survive but to thrive after her daughter received severe brain damage from a near-drowning accident. Their family’s faith to hold on to the promises of God, when nothing around exhibited those promises, gives hope to those who are drowning in hopelessness.

Brandi writes, “When the world spins out of control, and nothing in sight is steady or sure, your soul settles on the last truth it held onto. Where else do you go, what else can you do? Faith, the one constant through every storm—God has to be somewhere in all of this.” [Ch. 4 pg. 40]

Final Thoughts

Friend, if you’re going through a tough season right now, I want to remind you of a few truths.

1. Your steps are ordered. (Psalm 37:23)

God orders every step a righteous person takes. So you’re not walking through the hard stuff alone or unseen.

2. Faith does not require sight. (2 Cor. 5:7)

Even when the darkness makes it hard to see the steps ahead, remember they are there. So keep walking.

3.  Your faith is safest in God. (Psalm 25:3)

You’ll never walk through a season of placing your faith in God and regret it.

Through hard and dark seasons, God is leading you and me into spaces of knowing Him that are unreachable any other way. These genuine parts of His character do not come in the seasons of unshakable faith. They come in the sifting and building of our faith. It’s in these times where the things that prevent us from growing in relationship with God are stripped away. And we see His faithfulness more clearly. I can attest to the fact these seasons do come to an end, and a beautiful blessing with God’s gracious favor follows the faith we’ve walked out. Stay the course friend. He’s right by your side.

I know times like this can be isolating, so if you’re in unknown space purchase the book From the Deep. It puts perseverance, faith, and purpose back into your hands, giving you the space to hope again.

Your Friend,

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Are you going through a hard season? Let me know how I can pray for you. Some days we just need another to stand in the gap when we can’t stand at all.

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