A Story Of Two Ministries

When God Connects California to Africa

I want to tell you a story about when I first started Remade. So if you wouldn’t mind giving me just a couple minutes of your time. I think you’ll find it pretty cool. It’s a story of connecting California to Africa in the most unusual way.

In 2011 I was sitting at my computer writing a blog to my 25 subscribers, 4 being family and the rest friends, when an email came across my “business” account.

It was from a pastor in Africa, written in broken English, he was asking for any help I could send for the 20 orphans he had adopted. I didn’t know if this was a scam, so I ignored it.

He subscribed to my blog and sent two more ignored emails. When the Holy Spirit told me to stop ignoring him and pray for his ministry – that’s when I reached out.

I couldn’t do anything really, to help Pastor Rabson, but pray.

Fastforward 6 years, and Pastor Rabson and I have become friends. His every email says he’s praying for my ministry, as I have his.

Pastor Rabson and Lynn Shively

As you know Remade’s vision is to eradicate biblical illiteracy and Christian isolation, but not in just the United States — all over the world. The only way to do that is to partner with other nonprofits who are taking people from wanting to know more about God, to a place of knowing Him and making Him known in their sphere of influence.

A day at school

Which brings me back to Pastor Rabson in Ogembo, Kenya. Recently his village came under attack by terrorists. The children are safe, but the school which has grown from his 20 to 226 children has no way of protecting itself. The girls are at risk of being kidnapped because their dormitory is made out of mud and straw. Pastor Rabson wants to hire a security guard, (at $50 a month) and replace the girl’s dormitory with a secure building ($3000).

Part of the bigger vision of Remade’s mentorship, is to be a storehouse for other nonprofits. Our plan is to donate a large percentage of the monthly mentorship donations to nonprofits who need help fulfilling their mission.

FSC School and Students

I am excited to share that Remade is donating ALL of June’s membership donations to Pastor Rabson. His school and orphanage will be the recipient of Remade’s first fruits.

Everyone who joins during this launch will be a part of helping Pastor Rabson’s hire a security guard and build a dormitory for the orphaned girls.

I was so humbled by how much Pastor Rabson does for his village, and the villages around him. How God faithfully supplies for them, and I told God as soon as we could we would help.

Pastor Rabson’s wife and their old kitchen where they fed 100’s of children

Remade will partner with Friends of Children School. A nonprofit started Lynn Shively, in a small church in Jefferson City, MO. In her words, visiting Pastor Rabson lit a fire inside her, and this is how she’s doing her part to make a difference. We will contribute monthly to help the school and orphanage through your monthly subscription. As you grow and discover the call of God on your life, you will help Pastor Rabson and his wife fulfill the call of God on their lives!

It blows my mind to think how God connected us so many years ago, when neither of us could do anything but pray for one another, and now God is going to be able to use us to help them. Isn’t that the most incredible story?

the new kitchen

Now you can be a part of it, too, by simply by joining a mentorship that helps you grow in the Lord. As you grow your monthly mentorship donation will help others around the world grow in the Lord, too.

It’s just like God, don’t ya think, that Pastor Rabson, who was the first outsider to follow my ministry, be the first to receive the fruit of what he’s prayed into existence. Yet, pastor Rabson is only the start, as we grow we will add many more organization to the list.

God’s plans are so much bigger than we can image, and if we let Him He’ll BLOW our MINDS!

Graduation class of 2016

I hope you will join me in helping Friends of Children and Pastor Rabson by joining the mentorship, and being a part of God’s bigger picture.

Your Friend,

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