For more than 15 years Beth has been sharing messages that meet women right in the middle of their everyday life.


When you connect with Beth you can expect fun, flexibility, and freedom!

  • FUN: Spending time with women talking about Jesus is one of Beth’s favorite things to do. You’ll feel like you spent the day with a friend.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Beth is happy to craft an original message that represents where God is moving in your community, and work with your budget to create an amazing event.
  • FREEDOM: It’s important to Beth that no one leaves the way they arrive so much prayer, fasting, and allowing room for the Holy Spirit to do His work goes into every message.


All topics can be customized for your event

The Authentic Stronghold

God’s healing power is found in His stronghold

There is a stark contrast between the fifty or more Old Testament references of a stronghold to the one New Testament reference by the Apostle Paul. The Old Testament stronghold was a literal place of security to keep the enemy out. The New Testament stronghold is a counterfeit securely keeping the enemy locked within our thoughts. Where the Old Testament stronghold was a refuge of provision and healing, an example of God’s plan for us to live free and powerful. A counterfeit is a place of torment. God’s given us a way to take captive every thought that pushes up against the truth of who He is. The Lord wants His people to be equipped to recognize the enemy’s deception that renders them defenseless. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the truth of God’s word you can take back your mind and live free in Christ.

In this talk you will:

  1. Recognize the counterfeit strongholds of your life.

  2. Learn to wage war against the enemy through the Word of God.

  3. Be equipped to stay free in the authentic Stronghold of the Lord.

This talk comes from Beth’s best selling book Stronghold, The Secrets Beyond the Wall. Take a look at Beth’s video here

Faith Over Fear

Just Do It Afraid

How do we live a life of faith when fear has such a powerful grip on us? Why would God desire to use such an unqualified person? Throughout scripture God has called the fearful, and blessed the obedience of their afraid yes. You are no exception. Your destiny, purpose, and dreams rest just on the other side of that ocean of fear. God is calling you to step into the boat, so He can take you to the other side. Are you ready to choose faith and leave fear behind for good?

In this talk you will: 

  1. Discover the hidden qualities in your unqualified resume.

  2. Learn the power of your afraid yes.

  3. Understand the unique message that comes from your messes.

Fix Your thoughts

Take Captive Those Lying Thoughts

What is your mind fixated on? Is it what is true and good? Or what is fearful and uncertain. If our minds are not fixed on the truth of God’s Word, then when the “suddenlies” of life come, the enemy will turn them into “sudden-lies.” God’s desire is that you are so fixed on what is true, the suddenlies of life have no chance to deceive you. God has made a way to equip you to defeat the enemy of your mind and live in the power of God’s truth. Let’s journey together to the truth of God’s goodness.

In this talk you will:

  1. Uncover the power of your declaration.

  2. Learn to unpack Scripture and discover its hidden power.

  3. See the masterpiece inside of you.

This talk comes from Beth’s best selling book Stronghold, The Secrets Beyond the Wall. Take a look at Beth’s video here

Removing The Mask

Embrace Your Identity In Christ

Comparison is a swampy trap. It feeds insecurity, fear, doubt and leaves us with unanswered questions about who we are. God created for us a new identity when we accepted His son. He calls us by a new name. He set before us a destiny perfectly designed for us. It’s time to remove the mask of the past and embrace our new identity in Christ.

In this talk you will: 

  1. Identify fears that prevent you from pursuing a relationship with God.

  2. Recognize what opinions from others have silenced you.

  3. Discover how God sees you and what He calls you.

Purposeful Pain

Your Brokenness Has A Beautiful Purpose

The enemy lies and tells us our past defines us. The truth is God defines us. And His plan is to set us free from our past, and use the very thing the enemy was determined to destroy us with to liberate others. God desires to bring about purpose through the pain of our past. Your worst memory is about to become God’s greatest victory!

In this talk you will: 

  1. Identify brokenness.

  2. Discover God’s plan for your brokenness.

  3. Embrace your story and how God wants to use it.

*With enough notice custom topics are available upon request*


Sandy Knottenbelt

I heard Beth speak at Alliance Redwood Women’s Retreat in March, where she spoke as the keynote for that huge event. It was an awesome weekend! Today, Beth gave a 1/2 day workshop at our small Sonoma County church on the topic “Your Past has a Purpose”. Beth is truly anointed and has the unique ability to speak the truth in love in a way that relates to all age groups. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time learning from her and will seek out opportunities to do so in the future.

Sandy Knottenbelt Women’s Ministry Event Coordinator - Gateway Christian Church
Pastor Donna Stephens

Beth Kinder is a delightful, engaging woman, who loves God and His word. She is an encourager and one who brings the Bible to life with practical application to where women live. She has been a conference and retreat speaker for us. After each of her speaking events, the women left filled with hope, encouragement and renewed faith to face their tomorrows with tools in hand. Beth is dynamic and uses props to illustrate the points of her message. When she spoke at our retreat, there weren’t any notes. As she ministered to the women, she brought confirmation and enlightenment. The one thing many of the women commented on, as in appreciation, is how she encouraged women to submit, as she does, to the authority of their church and leaders. She participated with the different activities and spoke to many individually. She made herself available. Beth ministers to all age groups. She is a praying woman and tailors her message to your theme as she hears from the Lord.

Pastor Donna Stephens New Hope Fellowship
Sharon Akers

Beth speaks with passion from God’s Word and her heart. She has a desire to see women grow in their love for the Lord and His Word, to have freedom in Christ. She truly wants to see women’s lives changed wherever they might be in their own spiritual journey. She came to our retreat ready to speak what God had placed on her heart through the Holy Spirit, not her words. It was a life-changing experience for many women.

Sharon Akers Alliance Redwood Conference Grounds - Women’s Coordinator

Beth Kinder is a precious gift to the body of Christ! She is able to make the word of God come alive in the most amazing way! She preaches and teaches the word with such conviction and compassion. She brings a refreshing word from the Lord and you are guaranteed to leave challenged and changed from her ministry!

Erica Miracle Christian Worship Center
Michelle Wilder

Beth is a wonderful and engaging speaker. She was very accessible and involved from beginning to end. When I first contact Beth she responded quickly and scheduled time to discuss what I was looking for. We spent appx 20 mins on the phone for the initial discussion. She and her team sent me topic ideas based on our conversation. Once a topic was chosen she tailored it to our specific group of women and provided a booklet of interactive conference materials for all participants. The day of the event, her assistant arrived early to setup and get any last minute information/needs from my team. Beth arrived before the event began which gave me ample time to meet her and handle last minute logistics. Her speaking style was warm and engaging. All the women at our conference felt connected and valued by her hands on personality. During breaks she would visit with the women and pray for/encourage them. By the end of the day I truly felt like I had made a new friend for life.

Michelle Wilder Living Hope Church - Growth Group Director
Lisa Bates

Beth was such a joy, refreshing, relatable and encouraging. She had a fresh Word from the Lord for us and I’m sure we will be having her back in the future. It was clear that she spends time with the Lord to bring us His heart. Thank you Beth!

Lisa BatesWomen of Vision


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